Welcome to Radouga Distilleries

“There are only two absolutes in life: friends and vodka. And the best times usually involve both”

Great to see you finally made it here!  Take some time to browse through the site and let us know what we can do to make it more informational and useful for you.  Check out the News section to catch up on industry news.  Don’t forget to check out our Events to see where you can find us in the upcoming months.  Great events may be closer than you think!

As for us…

Radouga Distilleries is one of the most recent additions to the Canadian distillery scene and is located in Blaine Lake, SK. A privately held company, Radouga Distilleries founder Paul Riben maintains involvement in the production and quality control of the Radouga product line.  Our products include our international award winning Provincial Vodka, Provincial Spiced Vodka, and both Paul’s Apple Pie and Paul’s Blueberry Pie liqueurs. No preservatives are used in any of the Radouga products.

Radouga is Proud to be Canadian and to represent Canada on the world stage.



About Us

Where do we start?

Radouga Distilleries opened its operation near Saskatoon in 2014 but our journey began years ago with an idea to bring unique, sensational taste and unmatched quality to our local liquor marketplace.

Saskatchewan has lagged the world in quality liquor production, and with our handmade spirits and liqueurs, we want to bring this province into the spotlight.

With all Canadian recipes and a small-batch, boutique quality, Radouga Distilleries spices up the same old selection at our retail locations. We believe that enjoying sipping liqueurs and spirits involves all the senses, so from the design of our bottles to the tantalizing smell and unforgettable taste, we aim to elevate your experience.

When you see Radouga Distilleries on the label, you can be sure that our professionalism, dedication and passion for great products flavours every last drop.