Radouga Distilleries Creates Truly premium spirits for you…

Glaciers formed and shaped our Saskatchewan landscape over millions of years, scraping hills and valleys flat far down into North America. Then, as they melted and receded, they released the silt and sand of mountains ground down and rivers of pure, mineral-laden glacial water.

Today, layer upon layer of these mineral deposits cover Saskatchewan, creating the perfect conditions for naturally pure, naturally filtered water from these glacially created aquifers.

It’s this pure, filtered water with its balanced and unique mineral content, along with grains that we grow right here in Saskatchewan,  that we use to create all of our products.  We don’t use preservatives because we don’t believe in them and we don’t need them.

Radouga Distilleries presents our award winning products to you,  premium quality millions of years in the making.

Provincial Vodka: Smooth Like No Other Vodka

 Our flagship product is now tried and true in international competition and to popular acclaim here in Canada!  We are very proud to have won a gold medal at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition and to have achieved the highest ranking of any North American vodka.

Smooth to start with a fresh, clean finish, Provincial vodka wins fans no matter how you drink it!

Provincial Vodka…Smooth, like no other vodka!


Paul’s Apple Pie Liqueur

This isn’t your grandma’s apple pie. Made from the same base as our award-winning Provincial Vodka and infused with real apple juice, our Apple Pie Liqueur has surprised and delighted customers with its rich flavour and easy taste!

In a glass, over ice, or creatively mixed in a cocktail or martini, Paul’s Apple Pie Liqueur has a heady aroma of spices, smooth palate and a subtle bite. Bring pie to your next party.

Paul’s Blueberry Pie Liqueur

Paul’s Blueberry Pie Liqueur. Like our Apple Pie Liqueur, is based on our premium vodka base.  Deep in color and bold in blueberry taste using real blueberry juice, Paul’s Blueberry Pie Liqueur is an excellent desertif or anytime over ice.  Creatively mixed in a cocktail or martini, Paul’s Blueberry Pie Liqueur is always a hit.

Bring pie to a friend’s house, because everyone likes pie for dessert, right?

Provincial Spiced Vodka

Incomparable.  We’ve certainly heard it over and over again.  Provincial Spiced Vodka is in a field of its own as it makes believers out of dedicated spiced rum fans.  Caramel and Butterscotch hints infuse our Provincial Vodka base to give our customers a unique spirit experience.

Mixed, over ice, or just neat, Provincial Spiced vodka provides a satisfying finish that is great for warm days or cool nights.